OK, so, with all the tooing-and-frowing things stand as follows (@03:15UTC 

- I managed to solve the "DNF Timeout" issue (see my post "Local (Deployment) 
VM Can't Reach "centos-ceph-pacific" Repo") and so simplified the deployment 
command to `hosted-engine --deploy`. Unfortunately this still results in a 
"Host is not up" error, with the logs as per before.

- As mentioned elsewhere in this thread I uploaded the (previous) logs to 
Dropbox along with a couple of other relevant(?) files:

- I followed the suggestion of  ajude.pereira (see post in this thread) but 
this did not resolve the issue.

- As per one of my other posts in this thread, digging into the logs further 
revealed this issue: "Failed to authenticate session
with host 'ovirt_node_1.mynet.local': SSH authentication to 
'root(a)ovirt_node_1.mynet.local' failed. Please verify provided credentials. 
Make sure key is authorized at host"

- I also did a `hosted-engine --deploy --ansible-extra-vars=he_pause_host=true` 
(as per the suggestion of Konstantin - see post in this thread) and tried to 
work out why ssh wasn't working. I ssh'd into the deployment VM and then 
attempted to ssh back into the deployment host (ie `ssh 
root@ovirt_node_1.mynet.local`). While I could connect, I was asked for the 
root's password. I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a 
"password-less" operation. As I do not provide the 
root@ovirt_node_1.mynet.local password anywhere in the deployment script, I 
suspect that this is why I'm getting the "Host is not up" error.

- To reiterate: the host'd sshd_config file is configured as per the oVirt 

So am I wrong in my understanding of the password-less ssh-nature of the 
situation and how the deployment script is supposed to work?

Also, does *anyone* have any pointers, suggestions, or can otherwise help me 
out - thanks.


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