Hi Tilman.

Interesting. I had this:


but it didn't seem to make any difference in how anything looked, and made me 
get the prompt even when the code opened and closed the file without adding any 
actual widgets, whereas without that statement at least it doesn’t result in 
getting the prompt if no widgets are even added. So I commented it out.

It's true that I don't attempt to add an appearance stream except for the case 
where I really do put an image on a button.

Are you saying there's no recourse to avoiding the save prompt other than 
adding appearance streams for everything?

I fear I am not understanding something about appearance streams in general. 
(Reread Rosenthal?)


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Am 08.08.2017 um 21:03 schrieb Gary Grosso:
> When I open this PDF file in Acrobat XI or Reader DC (or my colleague opens 
> in Acrobat DC) and do nothing, when I try to quit it prompts us to save 
> changes. We would like for this prompt not to happen.

You didn't share the relevant code (just "do stuff"), but I suspect you added 
acroform stuff without  appearance streams / set that appearance streams are to 
be set.

Adding the correct appearance streams is quite tricky... we do it for some 
field types, but not all.


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