We are doing some load test using java broker 6.0.2 by stopping all
consumers, broker was crashed at 644359 messages. Even if i try to restart
broker its crashing with the same oom error.

 "persistentEnqueuedBytes" : 12731167222,
    "persistentEnqueuedMessages" : 644359,
    "queueDepthBytes" : 12731167222,
    "queueDepthMessages" : 644359,
    "totalDequeuedBytes" : 0,
    "totalDequeuedMessages" : 0,
    "totalEnqueuedBytes" : 12731167222,
    "totalEnqueuedMessages" : 644359,

JVM settings of broker: -Xmx512m -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=1536m

"broker.flowToDiskThreshold" : "644245094",

So theoretically broker should flow those messages to disk after the
threshold right then broker shouldn't have caused OOM exception right? do i
have to do any other tuning?


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