I was utilizing DLQs (Alternate Binding) for most of my queues and I think
that is why the Virtual Host Node startup time was so slow (1 minute 45
seconds).  After I deleted all those DLQs, the startup time was down to 11
seconds - a huge difference especially when dealing with a failover

Here are some log messages I was seeing in the Broker-j log file regarding
the DLQs (note that all my DLQs were empty):

2018-02-12 10:42:24,719 WARN  [VirtualHostNode-spgqpiddev3-Config]
(o.a.q.s.m.AbstractConfiguredObject) - Gave up waiting for Queue
'app_attach_workqueue_DLQ' to attain state. Check object's state via

So I'm wondering if there is some type of issue with broker-j regarding
DLQs/Alternate Bindings

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