I am playing around with sogosync for the first time. Therefor I cloned the 
current git and modified all config files as described in the online 

So far I get some conversation between my iPhone 4S and the sogosync stuff.

16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] -------- Start
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [ INFO] [de10...@srvint.net] Version='SVN checkout' 
method='POST' from='' cmd='FolderSync' getUser='de10...@srvint.net' 
devId='ApplDNQGN393DTDF' devType='iPhone'
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] Used timezone 
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] Including backend 
file: '/var/www/sogosync/backend/combined/combined.php'
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] Including backend 
file: '/var/www/sogosync/backend/caldav.php'
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] Including backend 
file: '/var/www/sogosync/backend/carddav.php'
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] Including backend 
file: '/var/www/sogosync/backend/imap.php'
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [ INFO] [de10...@srvint.net] Combined 3 backends 
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] 
Request::ProcessHeaders() ASVersion: 2.5
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [ INFO] [de10...@srvint.net] 
AuthenticationRequiredException: Access denied. Please send authorisation 
information - code: 0
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [ INFO] [de10...@srvint.net] User-agent: 
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] 
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [ WARN] [de10...@srvint.net] IP: 
failed to authenticate user 'de10...@srvint.net'
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] TopCollector(): 
Initialized mutexid Resource id #120 and memid Resource id #121.
16/09/2012 11:42:09 [27472] [DEBUG] [de10...@srvint.net] -------- End

But unfortunately authentication fails and I do not understand why. On my mail 
server, I see something like this:

Sep 16 11:38:37 mx0 dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<de10...@srvint.net>, 
method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, mpid=24820, TLS, 

Currently I have a working Cal/CardDAC and mail account on the device. I added 
an Exchange account and got all check marks. But then after some seconds, the 
password dialog pops up and tells me my password was incorrect. Which service 
is used for authentication? Is it the IMAP-server or SOGo? Does the device 
contact all those services by itself or is authentication always be done from 
sogosync and I should see login attempts from my web server? If the latter is 
the case, then neither Mail nor Ca*DAV seems to work here.

I use https/imap+tls all over. Could this be a problem? I replaced /notls/norsh 
with /tls/norsh. Do I need to add certs CA stuff somewhere? Maybe things fail, 
because SSL fails?

Thanks in advance

-Christian Rößner

Bachelor of Science Informatik
Erlenwiese 14, 36304 Alsfeld
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