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>> why not go for the nightlies?

> Until now nightly for me sounds like a testing "version". I read other
> posts, that this isn't the case. So switching to nightly looks like an
> alternative.

The case with this is that every time you try to update the operating
system with apt-get/aptitude or the package manager that uses the
distribution of each, we will have a new version of SOGo to update and
may not there are changes between the last build and the previous.

I currently use Debian stable (Jessie) for my servers and they have
included SOGo on the repositories, although it seems (if I'm not missing
something) it is not incorporating all packages:

$ apt-cache search sogo
fusiondirectory-plugin-sogo - SOGo plugin for FusionDirectory
fusiondirectory-plugin-sogo-schema - LDAP schema for FusionDirectory
SOgo plugin
sogo - Scalable groupware server
sogo-common - Scalable groupware server - common files
sogo-dbg - Scalable groupware server - debugging symbols
sogo-openchange - Scalable groupware server - OpenChange backend
xul-ext-sogo-connector - transforms Icedove into a full DAV client for
groupware servers

For example, I do not see the package for activesync.

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