I totally approve the fact that Inverse guys want to put up support contracts. Sogo is a fantastic tool if you manage and configure it carefully, I've been using it plugged to another open DNS/LDAP/SAMBA/DHCP/ActivSync software and it works like a charm. Secure and versatile for mobile and fixed devices ... Microsoft must fear this ! :)

Go SoGOD ! ^^

My best,


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another 2 cents from me
if (after completition of evaluation) i will be convinced that sogo is the right groupware server for our company and if this universe will still look like it does today, i will be able to convince our management to decide in favour of sogo and i'm sure they will not refuse paying for platin support as this will pay back.
btw: nobody rides for free
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Hello all,

A software like Sogo isn't free to develop.

For my companie the minimun 700$ support option is a beat too expensive, but I'm certain that some of us can subscribe for an option without support, and just to access the repo if the cost is cheaper.

So inverse can earn some money too continue develop this tools, and the users have a "not so much" expensive option too contribute.

My 2 cents ...

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    Over the past 10 years, Inverse has been developing SOGo and
    providing everything (software packages, documentation, etc.)
    completely free of charge. A massive number of organizations
    worldwide have successfully deployed SOGo and benefit for free
    from the continuous enhancements of the software.

    After many months of discussion and thinking, we made the decision
    to close down the public package repositories. From now on, in
    order to access the production builds of SOGo for various Linux
    distributions, you will need a proper support contract from
    Inverse. The options are listed here:


    Payments can be made by credit card.

    We hope that this move will help Inverse to:

      * increase its investments in SOGo
      * accelerate SOGo v3 evolution by adding more features (S/MIME,
        alternate storage backends, etc.)
      * expedite bugs fixing and small feature additions
      * invest in gravitational projects
      * extend its support to more Linux distributions
      * create a VAR channel to resell and participate in providing

    Tying up package repositories to a support agreement is important
    for us as Inverse strives to offer stellar support and we want to
    bring more value for the money to each customer. Current
    organizations that have a support contract with us will
    automatically get access to the package repositories. Official
    packages also offer the advantage of being thoroughly tested
    before they are released.

    SOGo will continue to remain entirely Free and Open Source. The
    source code will always be fully available and we will keep using
    the current licenses. Nightly builds will also remain available to
    all, as well as the ZEG configured with the latest software.

    Thanks for your support and understanding. Together, we all make
    SOGo better!

-- Ludovic Marcotte
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    Inverse inc. :: Leaders behind SOGo (http://sogo.nu), PacketFence 
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