Hi Guys,

I have installed ZEG virtual machine image and try to reconfigure it to use my existing - external STMP/IMAP server. All went ok, the SOGo web login does see my imap and see the e-mails in, but problem is with OpenChange/MAPI/Outlook. It does logon to account, but it seems that it sees the maildir of the ZEG server and not my external IMAP.

1. Can you explain where are OpenChange/MAPIStore object settings, how does OpenChange transfer e-mail to Outlook, in to what IP address/what folder it looks for settings?

So basically I have changes settings in: /etc/sogo/sogo.conf (SOGoIMAPServer, SOGoSieveServer, SOGoSMTPServer). Do I miss anything else?

2. Is the sieve critical at this point, does it somehow participates in mail delivery to MAPIStore? Because I still debugging Sieve support on my existing external IMAP (Dovecot) server.

Sogo version 3.1 used.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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