For your sieve problem, by default the sieve server of Dovecot accept connection only from the localhost, you have modify Dovecot configuration on your external server.

MAPIStore is not trusted by your external IMAP server, to access to IMAP accounts of your users, you can add a file with your users password to MAPIStore. (see SOGo documention here <https://sogo.nu/files/docs/SOGoNativeOutlookConfigurationGuide.html#_imap_server_and_trust> and here <https://sogo.nu/files/docs/SOGoNativeOutlookConfigurationGuide.html#_adding_users>).

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Any news?

On 2016.09.15. 13:50, Madars Vitolins wrote:
Hi Guys,

I have installed ZEG virtual machine image and try to reconfigure it to use my existing - external STMP/IMAP server. All went ok, the SOGo web login does see my imap and see the e-mails in, but problem is with OpenChange/MAPI/Outlook. It does logon to account, but it seems that it sees the maildir of the ZEG server and not my external IMAP.

1. Can you explain where are OpenChange/MAPIStore object settings, how does OpenChange transfer e-mail to Outlook, in to what IP address/what folder it looks for settings?

So basically I have changes settings in: /etc/sogo/sogo.conf (SOGoIMAPServer, SOGoSieveServer, SOGoSMTPServer). Do I miss anything else?

2. Is the sieve critical at this point, does it somehow participates in mail delivery to MAPIStore? Because I still debugging Sieve support on my existing external IMAP (Dovecot) server.

Sogo version 3.1 used.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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