> On Oct 13, 2016, at 8:02 AM, Neiluj (it.s...@tech-nofile.com) <users@sogo.nu> 
> wrote:
> I looked for some info about this but couldn't find anything relevant - 
> something quite unusual is happening to my SOGo install
> I cannot tick any checkbox in the SOGo interface.

I've updated Angular to the 1.5 series two days ago to resolve this specific 
issue. Take the latest nightly build and empty your browser's cache.

> Tried multiple users/mailboxes.
> Tried multiple browsers.
> Tried Clear browser cache.
> Tried multiple machines.
> The same behaviour overall, with no change whatsoever: I still cannot tick 
> the checkboxes.
> I can change other settings (dropdown list etc..) and saves these values. 
> However, I cannot do anything with checkboxes.
> Interestingly, I have tested other AngularJS / Material Design application, 
> thinking it could eventually come from there: all other applications seem to 
> work fine.
> I have also tested the SOGo v3 demo plateform where I can tick checkboxes 
> just fine - This would, for me rule out the "client as culprit" option.
> My current gut feeling is that it could come from permission settings: either 
> in the database, or on some file on the server. But I currently cannot figure 
> out why would this impact only checkboxes and not other parameters / 
> elements..
> I am currently at loss even troubleshooting this. Any tips would be very much 
> welcome: logs / debugs / procedure to check SQL permissions / file permissions
> Anything really...
> Thanks,


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