Hello Francis,

One question: will you be involved in further development of SOGo via



On 08.08.22 21:24, Francis Lachapelle (flachape...@inverse.ca) wrote:
Dear community users,

In the upcoming days, we will officially transfer the ownership of the SOGo 
open source project to Alinto. There will be two major impacts to this transfer:

- Members of this mailing list will need to resubscribe. The mailing list 
address won't change (users@sogo.nu), but the infrastructure will moved to a 
new server (https://mailing.sogo.nu/) with no data migration.
- Binary packages of SOGo and SOPE will be available from a different URL 
(https://packages.sogo.nu). The installation instructions on the Website will 
be updated accordingly.

Let me know if you have any question.

Thank you,


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