Hi everyone

The new infrastructure is now in place. None of the list members have been 
transferred to the new mailing list server, so please subscribe to this mailing 
list if you want to continue to participate in the discussions. To do so, send 
an email to users-requ...@sogo.nu with "SUBSCRIBE users" as the subject or 
visit the mailing list web site at 

The nightly binary packages are now accessible from https://packages.sogo.nu/ 
and signed with a new GPG key that you will need to import. You can use the 
online installation helper (https://sogo.nu/download.html#helper) or consult 
the appropriate FAQ entry:


The bug tracking system is accessible from https://bugs.sogo.nu/. The 13-year 
of backlog (!) has been migrated as well as all the users accounts. 

To report any issue related to the new infrastructure, please inform Alinto by 
writing to migrat...@sogo.nu.

  1. Resubscribe to the mailing list;
  2. Import the GPG key used to sign the packages;
  3. BTS is now at https://bugs.sogo.nu/.


> On Aug 8, 2022, at 15:24, Francis Lachapelle <users@sogo.nu> wrote:
> Dear community users,
> In the upcoming days, we will officially transfer the ownership of the SOGo 
> open source project to Alinto. There will be two major impacts to this 
> transfer:
> - Members of this mailing list will need to resubscribe. The mailing list 
> address won't change (users@sogo.nu), but the infrastructure will moved to a 
> new server 
> (https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://mailing.sogo.nu/__;!!GjvTz_vk!QBovTtQyvrgKwx_Gql2FIr-bFKaR6CWZ4roKT8q3eA6LKdppGHohR1fWsRTlJMA7ASXhzJqepOJWfN-F8g$
>  ) with no data migration.
> - Binary packages of SOGo and SOPE will be available from a different URL 
> (https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://packages.sogo.nu__;!!GjvTz_vk!QBovTtQyvrgKwx_Gql2FIr-bFKaR6CWZ4roKT8q3eA6LKdppGHohR1fWsRTlJMA7ASXhzJqepOKdfKOYfQ$
>  ). The installation instructions on the Website will be updated accordingly.
> Let me know if you have any question.
> Thank you,
> Francis


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