On 02.03.18 09:58, Leandro wrote:

Hi Danilele! Our DNSBL works with individual /128 IPv6 addresses:


Even if the provider is offering less then /64 to customers, our DNSBL can
list IPv6 of each one.

2018-03-02 10:08 GMT-03:00 Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uh...@fantomas.sk>:
how/who do you list when spammer starts rotating IPs in assigned /64

On 02.03.18 10:12, Leandro wrote:
If the spammer uses the same domain at rDNS, when rotating IPs, our system
will list each new IP at first DNSBL query.

do you verify synthetic rDNS too? when do you blacklist whole /64 ?

I mean: there's 2^64 (18446744073709551616) IPv6 addresses in /64 range and
there's 2^64 (18446744073709551616) of /64 IPv6 ranges in the IPv6

blacklisting either is not in possibilities of present systems.
I'm curious whether you have any plan what to do when someone starts abusing
IPv6 space and how does the plan look like.

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