On 3/10/2018 11:22 AM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
this is apparently not the case of one url redirector (shortener) points to
another shortener.

I really hope that the DecodeShortURLs only checks fopr redirection at those
known redirectors (shorteners), not each http->https shortener and only
evaluates redirection between them, ignoring http->https redirects

On 10.03.18 11:32, Rob McEwen wrote:
But also keep in mind that it is NOT rare for the initial shortner found in a spam... to redirect to a spammer's page (that isn't a URL shortner), then THAT page then redirects to the spammer's OTHER page (that isn't a URL shortner)... where the FIRST one is NOT blacklisted very many places... but the second page (that is often the final destination)... *is* heavily blacklisted. Often, the first page is hosted at a legit site that was hacked into by criminal spammers - and is HARDER for blacklists to list due to their good reputation.

isn't this thread and the plugin discussed about shorteners?
I am aware of other possibilities to do redirects and about consequencies of
following them.
note that for following the redirect, the destination must be configured via
url_shortener directive.
what I wonder is, if there's real value in following the redirects.
(and if the following stops when the URL is blacklisted, since we're done

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