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On 3/10/2018 11:22 AM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
this is apparently not the case of one url redirector (shortener) points to
another shortener.

I really hope that the DecodeShortURLs only checks fopr redirection at those
known redirectors (shorteners), not each http->https shortener and only
evaluates redirection between them, ignoring http->https redirects

On 10.03.18 11:32, Rob McEwen wrote:
But also keep in mind that it is NOT rare for the initial shortner found in a spam... to redirect to a spammer's page (that isn't a URL shortner), then THAT page then redirects to the spammer's OTHER page (that isn't a URL shortner)... where the FIRST one is NOT blacklisted very many places... but the second page (that is often the final destination)... *is* heavily blacklisted. Often, the first page is hosted at a legit site that was hacked into by criminal spammers - and is HARDER for blacklists to list due to their good reputation.

isn't this thread and the plugin discussed about shorteners?
I am aware of other possibilities to do redirects and about consequencies of
following them.
note that for following the redirect, the destination must be configured via
url_shortener directive.
what I wonder is, if there's real value in following the redirects.
(and if the following stops when the URL is blacklisted, since we're done

The URL shortner follower plugin that Steve Freegard wrote... ALREADY follows my suggestions about following non-shortner redirects (after the initial shortner redirect). (except I'm not sure it already does my https suggestion?) ...and for good reason. You're tremendously undervaluing or just not understanding my last post. I suggestion you re-read it a couple of times. This tactic I mentioned that spammers use... is COMMON, and not following my last suggestion opens up a big loophole for spammers. Such spammers would be delighted by your last comment... and Steve Freegard went a different route for good reason. Keep in mind, I haven't veered off-topic because we're STILL talking about a possible chain of redirects that was still STARTED by a URL shortner.

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