On 07/04/18 16:52, Reindl Harald wrote:
Content analysis details:   (5.1 points, 4.0 required)

who did set the *non default* required score to 4.0?
why did the person not adjust -0.2 for BAYES_00 too?

the scoring of this system is idiotic!

required score here is 5.5 and BAYES_00 is scored to -3.5 while milter
reject starts with 8.0 so nothing would happen just because *one single*
rule hti wrongly

Thank you for answering, but really, in effect you haven't answered at all my question. I was merely trying to understand the MSGID_SPAM_CAPS rule - and what rationale it is based on. I know I can alter the score just for it - I was trying to understand what other implications this might have. I didn't even suggest that SA default config or scoring needs to change!

And the way I customise the scores are based on the type of emails received at this particular site. It might seem "idiotic" to you, but there are reasons for those scores. Not everyone receives the same mix of email - so it isn't constructive to start calling other people's scoring "idiotic" just because they are not the same as your own or the defaults.

Am 07.04.2018 um 17:42 schrieb Sebastian Arcus:
I'm not entirely sure what is the cause of this - notification emails
from The Pension Regulator in UK (a government body overseeing pensions)
have the destination email in upper case as part of the Message-ID. I
don't know if the user has input their email address in caps when
creating the account with TPR, and the system at TPR just preserves caps
- or maybe their email software does that on purpose somehow. In all
events, all email notifications from them go straight to the Junk
folder. Do the standards really require a message id to be in all lower

I've enclosed one of the messages received here:


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