On 07/04/18 21:20, Bill Cole wrote:
On 7 Apr 2018, at 11:42 (-0400), Sebastian Arcus wrote:

Do the standards really require a message id to be in all lower case?

Of course not, and that's also not an accurate description of MSGID_SPAM_CAPS.

A small minority of rules in SA are based on any external standard. They are empirical and pragmatic, not legalistic. There is a complex analysis of multiple mail streamsĀ  used to generate scores for the rules and to decide which rules are good enough to publish in updates, run on a daily basis because it takes most of a day to run. The fact that MSGID_SPAM_CAPS exists with that name (and mot with a 'T_' or developer's tag prefix) implies that at some point in the past it was reliable enough as an indicator of spam to be part of the default set.

Thank you Bill. That is useful to know.

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