On 09/04/2018 16:24, David Jones wrote:

Been playing around with rspamd over the weekend to see how it compares and so far not that impressed.  It has a few features that are interesting like the MX check but other than that it's not as impressive as the author makes it out to be on the website comparing it to SA.

It claims to have better Bayes but so far I am seeing identical results after identical training.
It's a few months that I'm using rspamd. I wrote a dedicated plugin for amavisd-new and I use it's scoring together with SA's.

IMHO to reach satisfying results you have to train it a lot more that SA, but in the long run it's a nice addition. My empirical observations suggests that it gets better after at least 3000 ham and spam email learned. It's also cool that you can train both global and per-domain bayes, very useful if you have a multitenant installation with a lot of different domains.


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