David Jones skrev den 2018-04-09 16:24:
I was wondering if anyone knows of an SA plugin or another method to
determine if the envelope-from domain has a valid MX record that is
listening on TCP port 25.  I don't think it would be a major scorer
but it could be useful in meta rules.

thats a job of mta, not content filters

so if postfix reject non existing senders, then it remain received in sa valid mx/a/aaaa

Been playing around with rspamd over the weekend to see how it
compares and so far not that impressed.  It has a few features that
are interesting like the MX check but other than that it's not as
impressive as the author makes it out to be on he website comparing
it to SA

if it's still just check that a mx exists, without A/AAAA then its buggy and should not be used, i do not need a mx, but there is fools around that say homepage as well must start with www

i give up with this fools not understanding it

It claims to have better Bayes but so far I am seeing identical
results after identical training.

marketing is better :=)

The Universal Configuration Language is terrible and hard to wrap your
head around it when the structure is so loose.  Since it's not well
defined nor well documented it takes a lot of trial and error to
figure it out.

xml files is very hard to manage so the ucl was created to make it even more hard to make it right :=)

It doesn't seem to be as flexible as SA in many regards.

yep, thats why i only tested rspamd live as a second spam filter, not take off spamassing while tested it, so i could see errors fast in both content filters, and later use the best of both, this stopped me as a rspamd ebuild maintainer aswell on gentoo, i was the first one adding rspamd / rmilter to gentoo, i still love what i did, but the kids have to learn why i use spamassassin now :=)

Right now I have rspamd only adding headers so I can compare with SA.
Tuning it out to match SA's accuracy is proving to be very challenging
and time consuming.

yep one more faktor why i stopped using it

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