Am 21.09.2016 um 10:18 schrieb Marcus Schopen:
Am Montag, den 19.09.2016, 13:35 +0100 schrieb RW:
It's not a spamassassin problem, right. Question is, can I install a
SHA1 package without harming perl at other places?

It should do any harm.

That should have been:

It shouldn't do any harm.

Thanks. Build a backport and razor is running fine now.

Is anyone using razor/pyzor/DCC and can give some efficiency report? Do
they still make sense beside DNSBL and URIBL?

surely - while DCC ist not a spam sign by it's descriptions razor/pyzor *are* and they have nothing in common with DNSBL/URIBL

they are *content digest* and so able to hit messages spreaded over different outbound servers, all sort of hacked accounts and using permanently changing URLs - the whole point of SA is to make a final score of different sources

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