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On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 10:54:32 +0200 wrote:
surely - while DCC ist not a spam sign by it's descriptions
razor/pyzor *are* and they have nothing in common with DNSBL/URIBL

they are *content digest*

Actually razor is pretty close to a URIBL, now that only engine 8 is
supported by Cloudmark.

It's based on a combination of URI domain name and text size,  so you
only get a hit if a domain has been reported inside a similarly sized
mime section

and even if it's only a URIBL - different blacklists have different traps, reportings etc. leading to different times where new stuff is listed - that's the whole point of having not only one source for classification and why you have DNSWL as positive wieght in the mix to get a balanced total score

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