On Fri, 14 Oct 2016 23:24:21 +0200
Petr Bena <petr@bena.rocks> wrote:

> How does DKIM prevent others from spoofing your mail address? People
> will still receive unsigned e-mails that look like they were sent by
> you even if they were not.

DKIM by iself does not.  DKIM plus DMARC sort-of does.  (I say "sort-of"
because most mail readers hide the From: header address and only show
the full name.)

> P.S. this is extremely easy to implement from programmer point of
> view, all you need to do is take existing SPF plugin and just have it
> verify SPF against e-mail that is in From header.

You will have lots of false-positives.  I know this from experience.



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