On 10/15/2016 1:51 PM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
I can immediately guess this rule would need way too many exceptions to be
useful.  And when anyone in the world subscribed to any list, it would
need an exception.

On 15.10.16 15:35, Petr Bena wrote:
Nope, the exception would go for a whole mailing list, not for every of its users.

you did not get it: there are zillions of mailing lists, forwarderss etc. this rule would really need too many exceptions for any mailing lists to be
useful, ever since beginning.

Anyway given that this would be optional plugin for sa, it would be only used by people / organizations who care about authenticity of the message sender and these that would be OK with the fact that mail addresses within this domain just couldn't be easily used for stuff like mailing lists.

and immediately after implementing, those people and organizations would be
surprised they block mail they should not block (see above).

Believe me, there are people or organizations who would happily exchange ability to use mailing lists within some domain for guarantee that their emails can't be spoofed in no way (at least within their own domain).

believe me, what you have proposed is nonsende - years ago Microsoft tried
to implement is under name SenderID (aka spf/2) and nobody uses it now
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