On 10/15/16 20:35, Antony Stone wrote:
> On Saturday 15 October 2016 at 20:30:25, Axb wrote:
>> On 10/15/2016 08:13 PM, Petr Bena wrote:
>>> What I was hoping for was, that as someone who does bother checking, to
>>> find out a solution that would help me prevent from receiving spoofed
>>> e-mails
>> There is no publicly available SpamAssassin solution to cope with your
>> need.
> Hm, I am intrigued by your wording.  Are you saying that there are non-
> publicly available solutions?
> Antony.
First of all sorry for "top posting" I have just figured out what it
means, no idea why my thunderbird was configured in that way.

Anyway, I am nearly sure that at least one of the companies I used to
work for had some of these "solutions" in place, given that they were
using MS Exchange as mailing solution I am fairly sure it was some
closed source commercial anti-spam that was doing that. I made some
shell scripts back then which were sending emails on behalf of our UNIX
team, and I remember we couldn't get them delivered to their Exchange
server as long as we used our UX team mailbox as "From:" sender. Clearly
that Exchange server was rejecting emails that were pretending to be
sent out of it, while they weren't.

I was looking to accomplish something similar, but seems that SA can't
do that and there are probably no open source plugins or postfix hooks
that allow this (so far).

So yes there are definitely some solutions out there, but whether they
are publicly available, I have no idea (I was actually hoping to
discover some).

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