On 19.10.16 04:28, Pedro David Marco wrote:
i already did but still no clues...
Files in my Debian SA package (3.4.1) containing the string PYZOR_CHECK:
# for i in `dpkg -L spamassassin`; do grep -l PYZOR_CHECK $i 2>/dev/null ; 
25_pyzor.cf contains:

grep -r PYZOR_CHECK /etc/spamassassin/

you should also check homedir of user spamassassin runs under (e.g. amavis)

i have even looked for the string PYZOR_CHECK throughout the full system... and 
no more files contain that string.

how do you run spamassassin?

i have tried sa-compile of course but... is there maybe any cache i can delete 
manually? not to my knowledge but...

sa-compile only compiles regular expressions AFAIK.

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