On 19 Oct 2016, at 12:16, Pedro David Marco wrote:

IIRC I've seen this warning on meta rule dependencies with a non-zero
scores. Unless you have a better reason to think Pyzor isn't working,
I>'d just ignore it.
Well... you are right, in fact i have no problem in ignoring it, but i do not like tohave unresolved issues in something that is going to be in production.

OK, since nothing is re-scoring PYZOR_CHECK to 0 or otherwise acting on it specifically, there are some other possibilities. Try these 2 tests:

1. Add to local.cf, along with the other PYZOR_CHECK_2 lines you had:

   tflags PYZOR_CHECK_2 net

Does that change whether the rule is hit?

2. Change the PYZOR_CHECK score line in 50_scores.cf to:

   score PYZOR_CHECK 0.001 1.985 0.001 1.392

Does that quiet the warning about the meta rule?

If Test #1 makes PYZOR_CHECK_2 NOT match a message that matched without it, then something is disabling 'net' rules and you need to find and correct whatever is doing that if you want SA to work well.

If Test #2 silences the warning, you've found what is PROBABLY a minor cosmetic bug in SpamAssassin but MAY be a substantive one if it means that meta rule is being skipped as a result of having detected the wrong score in that line. Opening a bug report at https://bz.apache.org/SpamAssassin/ would be helpful.

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