On Thu, 10 Aug 2017 16:12:11 +0200
Felix Defrance wrote:

> In the first lines on log, you could see opendkim results are success.
> Aug  9 10:25:42 vmail opendkim[21923]: 0D81A778B1D: DKIM verification
> successful
> Aug  9 10:25:43 vmail opendmarc[7879]: 0D81A778B1D: groupeastek.fr
> none
> That why I think Amavis or Spamassassin is in cause.

As I already pointed out, Amavis passed SpamAssassin a truncated,
i.e. incomplete, email; it's inevitable that this will fail
SpamAssassin's DKIM test. The opendkim result is on the full email.

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