xOn 11-08-17 17:05, Scott wrote:
> I'm going to go back and look at my build notes but I think that directory
> got created for me. It's just as possible i followed some "guide".  I am
> positive i did not think it up on my own LOL.   I remember more than set of
> instructions one with that path setting, and it very well could be the
> related Centos7 package.  Glad i found the casue though. Regardless of the
> source. 
> In the FWIW department, as shown above, I still don't have it in the default
> location (I know, risks...), but why it is happy there and not under /etc I
> don't know.  And really don't care at this point.   

I had to go way back in thread to look it up, but I noticed you're
running Centos, which has selinux.

Maybe your custom path is disallowed under the amavis/spamd/whatever
role? And manual testing when su'ing from the root role will not have
the same impact as running amavis using an init system.

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