many, many thanks for your prompt action. :-)

I will add my thoughts to your JIRA <>.

I guess the matter is now out of our hands
& we have to hope the Servlet guys @
are open to our proposal.  I hope it won't take years,
as I have a feeling the adoption of SVG is threatened
by the lack of support for svgz's: there are an awful
lot of people trawling the internet for an answer.

Would it be too much trouble to detail
how such a Filter-Definition might look?
(I really am quite new to all this, being
 more at home with a mainframe)

There is another workaround: we got a change <> to
PrimeFaces through in 2012 which was released
with 3.5 & retrospectively 3.4.3, so it is possible to
write a backing-bean to serve svgz's via p:graphicImage.

Thanks again,

On 29/12/2013 10:06, Mark Thomas wrote:
On 28/12/2013 21:36, David Law wrote:
I just tried this in DefaultServlet:

if (contentType.equals("image/svg+xml")
&&  path.toLowerCase().endsWith(".svgz")) {
     response.addHeader("Content-Encoding", "gzip");

"Quick & dirty", but Works fine as proof-of-concept.
We just need a DefaultServlet expert to do the "slow & clean" stuff.
I'd suggest simply using a filter mapped to *.svgz for now.

I believe a generic solution to be best though, long-term. Something like:
That would be my preference but would require a change from the Servlet
EG. I'm not sure if adding a element to <mime-mapping> or adding a new
<encoding-mapping> element is the best solution. I created - feel free to add comments.


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