erialization causes some problems in apache-tomcat-7.0.35

I have several applications and run on fedora linux. I have used many releases 
of fedora and tomcat.

My applications are characterized by
   a) all use a DB (firebird)
   b) all use both jsp and java servlets
   c) all use transient java beans for a "round" of interaction (user request - 
user response)
   d) all have 1 or more session java beans for each user (login - logout)
   e) all have 1 or more application beans (initialized at startup, can 
refresh, passed around)
   f) all have an application specific jar and share a common code jar

Long ago I added serialization to almost all of the java beans to stop tomcat 
whining in the catalina.out file. This worked just fine until the most recent 
tomcat release.

On my development machine, java changes build new jars and apache/tomcat must 
be restarted to work right. Starting with the new release, problems with 
connections happened.

After research, I discovered that the applications were going nuts with 
connection requests and xinetd was shutting down the connection factory 
service. It took a 30 minute wait (or reboot) to fix this problem. My guess is 
that the application wide beans were not only being made fresh as always 
happens (they use one connection each to initialize), but that the serialized 
versions were coming back up and trying to refresh causing lots of strange 
connections to be created (if one is not passed, one is made and there are many 
routines each needing a connection).

To solve this problem, I stopped serialization. This solved the problem.

From the notes I got from others (thanks Mark and ...):

serialization can be stopped by putting this in many places - here is one:

   <Manager pathname="" />

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