On 18/10/2016 23:10, Mark Juszczec wrote:
> On Oct 18, 2016 5:37 PM, "Mark Thomas" <ma...@apache.org> wrote:
>> Java handles bytes as signed (-128 to 127) but the data in the input
>> stream is unsigned. The additional Fs are an artefact of whatever those
>> bytes were cast to.
>> It looks normal to me.
> That's what i thought but didn't think it would hurt to double check.
> What's interesting is the next level up, in CoyoteAdapter (I'll have to
> double check that) in HttpServletRequest the data appears as the String
> In that String, the Ã[CTL-CHAR] are bytes 0xc3 0x83 0xc2 0x8b and is a
> corruption of  Ë (0xc3 0x8b)
> I'm not sure how we go from the correct bytes to 0xc3 0x8b 0xc2 0x8b.

Nor me. For the record I did test this and it worked as expected - no

I wonder if it is worth a clean install of httpd, mod_jk and Tomcat and
then running a simple test.


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