On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 2:58 PM, Mark Juszczec <mark.juszc...@gmail.com>
> Some questions (if these are not relevant, please disregard):
> I'm loading a whole bunch of modules.  Could some of them be incompatible?
> DocumentRoot refers to a directory that does not exist.  Is that a problem?
> What does AddLanguage do?
> Is AddDefaultCharset redundant?
> Are +ForwardKeySize and -ForwardDirectories somehow disabling what
> +ForwardURIEscaped does?
> I have verified the data coming out of Shibboleth is what we expect.

I think I've found where the byte data is coming in.

AjpAprProcessor.java's method:

protected boolean read(byte[] buf, int pos, int n, boolean block) throws

This ultimately gives me a great big buffer of bytes. Spring Tool Suite
shows me the relevant ones:

74 79 -61 -117 76

and i'm assuming they are the integer representations.

I am looking for the string JOËL

The negative numbers are a bit perplexing.

Converting them to hex I see



I know

Ë = 0xC3 0x8B

so I'm assuming the Fs are extraneous.

However, I'd be much more comfortable with all this if I got


Is this a weird debugger anomaly or is it an indication something has
already screwed up my data?

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