On 18.10.2016 15:22, Mark Juszczec wrote:
On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 9:13 AM, Mark Juszczec <mark.juszc...@gmail.com>

   <VirtualHost *:9001>
     DocumentRoot /some/dir/thatDoesNotExist/
     JkEnvVar nameWithIntlChar
     JkMount /myService/* lbAjpWorker
     JkMount /myService lbAjpWorker


I forgot to ask something.

The above DocumentRoot does not exist.  There is another DocumentRoot
defined outside of the <VirtualHost *:9001> if posted but it does not exist

Could this have anything to do with my problem?

What should these values be set to?

This being a list dedicated to Tomcat, maybe we are going a bit deep in the Apache httpd configuration and precedence rules here. It is anyway difficult to answer your questions, without seeing the whole of the Apache httpd configuration files.
Generally speaking :
- whatever configuration directive is outside a <VirtualHost> section, acts as a "default", which is inherited by all <VirtualHost> sections. - if a <VirtualHost> section contains a similar directive to one of these default values, then for requests to this <VirtualHost>, the directive that is inside the <VirtualHost> section overrides the one that is outside.

But there are some total or partial exceptions to the above rules, some of which apply to mod_jk (see for example JkMountCopy).

About the VirtualHost section which you list above : it looks strange to me, 
because :
- it would apply only to HTTP requests directed to port 9001, which is a bit 
- it does not seem to have a ServerName, which for name-based VirtualHosts is 
quite essential
- and without a valid DocumentRoot, any request for something other than the "JkMounted" URIs "/myService*" would have nowhere to be served from, and would thus return a "Not Found"

But again, without seeing the whole of the Apache httpd configuration, and without knowing exactly how browsers access this server, it is difficult to make a final call.
On wich platform (OS) is this running ?

Separate note : if you are more familiar or at ease with Apache httpd configuration sections than with the JkMount/JkUnmount directives, you may want to have a look at an alternative way of configuring the httpd -> Tomcat forwarding.
See this page : http://tomcat.apache.org/connectors-doc/reference/apache.html
and scroll down to the section :
Using SetHandler and Environment Variables

This method *replaces* the usage of JkMount/JkUnmount directives, by directives enclosed in Apache httpd <Location> sections. Personally, I find that (for someone familiar with Apache httpd) this configuration method is clearer than JkMount/JkUnmount, because with JkMount/JkUnmount, it is sometimes unclear what the precedence rules are with respect to Alias, rewrite, proxy etc..

With respect to your (later) question about JkOptions : the same above page, in the initial "Configuration Directives" section, clearly specifies where each "Jk*" directive can be used and to what scope it applies. (The "global" term means : in the part of the configuration which is /not/ inside a <VirtualHost> section).

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