I have been trying to setup SSL for tomcat 9.00.M26 on a RHEL (version 6.4)
server for testing purposes. I downloaded & installed Tomcat9 fine and I get
a proper webpage on port 8080 but when I used the keytool commands and
created a certificate from cacert.org and then edited the server.xml file to
setup the ssl configuration to run on port 8443 I cannot get a webpage on
that port; it defaults back to port 8080. If I am not providing all the
needed info or asking a wrong question please forgive me. I am not a
programmer. My background is in computer hardware. I have just been forced
to learn this to support two products that we use here in our office; Jira
and Confluence. I have actually been working on setting them up for an SSL
connection on a different server. I got Confluence working on a secure port
but not Jira so my boss suggested troubleshooting the issue by trying to
first get SSL setup for Tomcat on this other server. 

I am providing a copy of the Tomcat9 server.sml file here on a DropBox link-


Thanks in advance!  


John Ellis


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