More troubleshooting revealed that our root context xml had been copied from 
another installation and had a wrong path in it.  However, I don't think this 
was the problem since it was only a path to a Log4J config.  We re-installed 
Tomcat from scratch and it seems to have resolved it, but this is not good.  
Why is Tomcat caching webapps?

Also determined that Tomcat was not shutting down properly.  Our installation 
is deployed as a Windows Service.  Stopping the service did not stop Tomcat.  
But the Service Console thinks it did stop, so when you restart it, another 
instance of Tomcat starts.  We are using a Java Service Wrapper if that makes 
any difference.

Also found another problem.  The "-XX:+DisableAttachMechanism" JVM option does 
not work with Tomcat.  This is a security flaw.


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