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On 3/6/18 9:09 AM, Kenneth Taylor wrote:
> More troubleshooting revealed that our root context xml had been
> copied from another installation and had a wrong path in it.

Do I smell another Darwin Award nomination?

> However, I don’t think this was the problem since it was only a
> path to a Log4J config. We re-installed Tomcat from scratch and it
> seems to have resolved it, but this is not good.  Why is Tomcat
> caching webapps?
Not sure what you mean. Please explain what YOU mean when you say
"caching". We probably have different definitions.

> Also determined that Tomcat was not shutting down properly.  Our 
> installation is deployed as a Windows Service.  Stopping the
> service did not stop Tomcat.  But the Service Console thinks it did
> stop, so when you restart it, another instance of Tomcat starts.
> We are using a Java Service Wrapper if that makes any difference.

Try taking a thread dump to see what threads are still running. My
guess is that your application starts some threads upon startup but
fails to shut them down on shutdown. Tomcat will not forcibly
shut-down the JVM for you; non-daemon threads can prevent the JVM stop
stopping even though Tomcat has shut-down cleanly.

> Also found another problem.  The “-XX:+DisableAttachMechanism” JVM 
> option does not work with Tomcat.  This is a security flaw.

Tomcat works perfectly fine with that option. There is no security
flaw, here. But it does mean that you won't be able to take a thread
dump of your application to find out what threads you left running,

- -chris

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OMG I had no idea!

> Unauthorized viewing, copying, disclosure, distribution or use of
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> sanction.

Come at me, bro.

> If received in error, notify sender immediately by return e-mail
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Obviously, both of these messages have been sent in error. It might be
difficult to remove them from the mailing list and archives and stuff.

> Nothing contained in this e-mail or attachments shall satisfy the 
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Hmm... writing isn't considered writing? Dogs and cats, living together.

> Nothing contained herein shall constitute a contract or electronic 
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Sorry, that's not how we roll here in Sealand. According to Article 6
Section 19 paragraph 49 sub-paragraph (e) of the Sealand Code, you are
now entered into a contract with all recipients of the list whereby
tyou agree not to be such a jerk. E Mare Libertas.

> Opinions and statements expressed in this e-mail and any
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> of DMB.

Good. But I still won't be contacting DMB for any consulting services
in the future, EVEN if they come out with another album as good as
Under the Table and Dreaming.

> DMB does not guarantee this e-mail transmission is secured, error
> or virus-free.
Or jerk-free. Time to update the disclaimer.

> Neither DMB nor the sender of this e-mail accepts liability for
> errors or omissions in the contents of this e-mail, which arise as
> a result of e-mail transmission.

How about sheer ignorance and lack of professional courtesy? I guess
that's not a technical problem.
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