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On 3/6/18 7:31 AM, Akhilesh  ET wrote:
> We are facing a situation wherein one of our production servers
> running tomcat 6.0.18 is unable to generate logs after service
> startup. Logging just stops after service start up.

Maybe it's dying of old age. Since you aren't using a package-managed
version of Tomcat (and aren't at the mercy of the package-manager),
why not upgrade to a version of Tomcat that is riddled with fewer
security problems than 6.0.18? Maybe like 6.0.53, released during the
current decade.

Better yet, upgrade to Tomcat 8.5. If you aren't able to do this now,
you should really start looking at doing it in dev/test environments
so you can upgrade in the near-future.

> The setup is such a way that the control flows from a Apache
> Webserver to Jboss application server to Tomcat server. The tomcat
> server will connect to the external API URLs and logs should be
> generated for the same which is not working from past one week.

Just checking: this is tomcat inside JBoss, right? Or do you really
have a separate Tomcat that JBoss is talking to (JBoss being a
reverse-proxy, or something similar)?

> Just to give you an insight we are using source code based tomcat
> server and not rpm based. So the service startup is done using
> startup.sh script.
> We tried swapping the IP of the server with the one that was
> working with no luck (The status was reversed with the server with
> same IP still not working). Which means there is something to do
> with the IP which is causing that issue (our assumption).

Weird. You just swapped the IP addresses of two servers and the
problem "moved" along with the IP to the other server?

> Please let me know what else needs to checked in order to make
> this working. The application itself is working fine. However the
> issue is with only the log generation which is very critical for
> tracking the application.

Are you getting no logs from the application, Tomcat, or both? Tomcat
isn't very chatty in catalina.out once it starts up. Really, you
should only be seeing critical errors, or notices about application
(re)deploying, etc.

Does your application log to System.out? If not, I wouldn't expect
application logs to go to catalina.out.

> Details of troubleshooting done so far :
> 1.       Cleared the logs, restarted the service – No luck.
> 2.       Cleared the cache of the server and restarted the service
> – No luck.
> 3.       Rebooted the server multiple times – No Luck.
> 4.       Tried starting tomcat from different web root and
> upgrading java  – No Luck.
> 5.       Gave full permissions to tomcat folder and log files – No
> Luck

Thanks for providing that information. If you are talking about
application-logs, you're going to need to provide more information,
such as how the application performs logging in general. Are you using
an API/framework such as log4j or slf4j? Probably not, if you are
using an ancient version of Tomcat like that. Java-logging using
java.util.logging? Hmm... also probably not. Are you using
ServletContext.log() to perform logging? If so, those logs should be
going to an application-specific log in the logs/ directory.

- -chris
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