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cjb> of TC 8.5.32 on Java 8u181, report output Excel
cjb> files won't load (immediately).  An error is
cjb> displayed to the user. [...]
cjb> 1. What are the ramifications of disabling the cache?
cjb> IOW, what are the potential side-effects? [...]
cjb> 2. Is there a "better" way to specify the setting? [...]
cjb> 3. Is there a "better" way to solve the problem? [...]

cs> Long ago, we added something similar to what you
cs> are talking about.  Basically, it was a file-
cs> upload capability for images. We waffled about
cs> whether to just map the /uploaded-images/ URL
cs> space directly to the disk and have DefaultServlet
cs> serve the bytes or to write our own servlet [...]

cs> Re-reading the documentation for <Resources>
cs> (specifically, <PostResources>), it seems that:
cs> <PostResources
cs>   cachingAllowed="false"
cs>   base="/base/path/to/image/files/"
cs>   className="org.apache.catalina.webresources.DirResourceSet"
cs>   webAppMount="/uploaded-images/" />
cs> ... might do the trick, and it would only disable caching for that portion 
of the disk.
cs> Perhaps this would be a better solution, because
cs> it only disabled caching for a *portion* of the
cs> requests you'll be handling.

Yes, exactly!  I might experiment with something like that "next".

cjb> Is it possible to declare only the Excel reports
cjb> output folder as non-cache-able but leave the
cjb> (default) context cache setting as-is so everything
cjb> else can be cached in the default way?  That is,
cjb> set up the Excel report output folder as a separate
cjb> "resource" with an independent cache setting?
cjb> Right now the Excel folder is embedded in the app
cjb> file system: TC/webapps/app/excel.

Although I wonder if having the Excel folder embedded in the app content folder 
and specifying it in a "PostResources" clause at the same time would somehow 
conflict with the default servlet already serving it.

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CACI Lead Software Engineer

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