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Our customer is suddenly getting a JasperException in production.  To solve, 
we're planning to upgrade Tomcat to 8.5.x.  In our testing of TC 8.5.32 on Java 
8u181, report output Excel files won't load (immediately).  An error is 
displayed to the user.  These Stack Overflow topics below point to a 
cachingAllowed setting:


- https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3743136/how-to-disable-tomcat-caching

I added <Resources cachingAllowed="false" /> to the <Context> in 
TC/conf/context.xml, which solved the problem.


1. What are the ramifications of disabling the cache?  IOW, what are the 
potential side-effects?

2. Is there a "better" way to specify the setting?

3. Is there a "better" way to solve the problem?


a. This is a low-volume application.  Little traffic and few users.

b. Seeing as we're addressing production, we would like to implement a rapid 
solution.  Don't want to refactor the application, which would take more time.

THANKS: for your time and assistance!

Cris Berneburg
CACI Lead Software Engineer

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