cjb> RAMBLE: The thing is, it worked in TC 6.0
cjb> but not 8.5.  Is it possible a major change
cjb> [...] Did TC 6.0 not cache files?

mt> The resources implementation was completely
mt> re-written for 8.x [...] I'm fairly sure
mt> not found results weren't cached in 6.0.x.

OK, thanks for explaining the history behind that.

cjb> GENERAL: Does the fact that a file does *not*
cjb> exist need to be cached? If a cache ping
cjb> fails, checking the file system immediately
cjb> would make new files available immediately
cjb> too, instead of after the cache expires.
cjb> (Conversely, how does it handle a file deleted
cjb> from the file system still existing in the cache?)

mt> Caching not found can improve performance.
mt> If a file is deleted, that deletion won't be
mt> detected until the associated cache entry
mt> expires.

Ha, I suspected that.  Good to know, thanks.  :-)

Cris Berneburg
CACI Lead Software Engineer

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