On Tue, 11 Feb 2020 at 20:12, Jerry Malcolm <> wrote:

> I need some advice.  I need to maintain a set of long-running threads.
> When a request comes in, I need to determine if I have a thread started
> for a particular id found in the request.  So I need to have a hashmap
> of threads keyed by the ids.  That part is simple enough.  But I'm
> struggling with where to keep that hashmap object so that it is
> available to all incoming requests (any session).  This object should
> persistently remain as long as Tomcat is active.  It must be scoped to
> the virtual host and only needs to be available in one webapp context
> within that host. Suggestions on how to proceed will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thx.
> Jerry
>  Would setting your hashmap as attribute to the Servlet context work?

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