From: Jerry Malcolm <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 3:12 PM
Subject: Cross-session Persistent Object?

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I need some advice.  I need to maintain a set of long-running threads.
When a request comes in, I need to determine if I have a thread started
for a particular id found in the request.  So I need to have a hashmap
of threads keyed by the ids.  That part is simple enough.  But I'm
struggling with where to keep that hashmap object so that it is
available to all incoming requests (any session).  This object should
persistently remain as long as Tomcat is active.  It must be scoped to
the virtual host and only needs to be available in one webapp context
within that host. Suggestions on how to proceed will be greatly



I would set up a database table to store the values and create a class/script 
depending on your
environment that would be able to do crud processes on the table. Maybe set it 
up as a web service
if that would allow easier access for the individual webapps.
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