Hi Everyone,

This is my very first mail to the users list since joining yesterday. Not an 
auspicious start. But I hope I will be able to contribute in future. I seek 
your help for a persistent issue in one of our ColdFusion instances.

Description of issue:
ColdFusion 2018 is an application server that uses Tomcat 9.0.21. Our 
ColdFusion installation consists of instances. The instances are independent 
application servers, each with its own Tomcat installation and Java Virtual 
Machine. The Java version is 11.0.7.

Each ColdFusion instance serves web content via the web server IIS.  We have 
configured an AJP connector for the communication between Tomcat and IIS. The 
relevant settings are

  *   In server.xml

<Connector port="8012" connectionTimeout="60000" redirectPort="8445" 
protocol="AJP/1.3" tomcatAuthentication="false" maxThreads="500" 

  *   In isapi_redirect.properties

iis_buffer_enable= true

  *   In workers.properties








On one of the instances (name: 'sr1studierdr1'), the following WARNING is 
written to isapi_redirect.log every second or so:

  *   [Thu Jun 11 16:44:57.739 2020] [11308:15392] [warn] 
ajp_process_callback::jk_ajp_common.c (2242): (sr1studierdr1) AJP13 protocol: 
Reuse is set to false

Nevertheless, the application seems to work as intended.

We're at a loss why this is happening only to this particular instance. There 
are no such warnings in other instances that share exactly the same settings.

Do you know what is causing the warning, "AJP13 protocol: Reuse is set to 
false", or how to solve this?

Kind regards,


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