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> On Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 12:46:03PM +0000, Eric Robinson wrote:
> > Olaf and Scott --
> >
> > Thanks to both of you for your comments. I may have asked my question
> poorly, since what you both described is the way I understand TCP to work.
> There is no correlation between an incoming connection to tomcat and its
> outgoing connection to a database backend, nor would I expect there to be.
> >
> > Perhaps a simpler way to ask my question is: when a server has multiple
> IPs, which one does tomcat use as its source IP when it initiates a three-way
> handshake with a remote machine?
> >
> > For example, suppose my server has IP addresses and, and
> my tomcat connector looks like this...
> >
> > <Connector
> >     port="8080"
> >     protocol="HTTP/1.1"
> >     address=""
> >     connectionTimeout="20000"
> >     redirectPort="8443"
> >   />
> >
> > Tomcat is now listening on IP
> >
> > But here's the question. If tomcat needs to initiate a TCP session to a
> remote machine (acting as a TCP client), will it use or as 
> the
> source IP of the outbound connection? I'm assuming it will use the same IP
> that the connector is configured to listen on.
> man 7 tcp
> A client uses 'connect' and doesn't need to set a local address.  Only a 
> service
> needs to declare its own address and port.
> The kernel routing database knows which distant hosts should be reachable
> via each local address.  'connect' should use this to pick an address that can
> reach the distant host, assign an unallocated port, and send SYN to request a
> connection.
> So the answer to your question is "it depends on the service host's address
> and what networks the interfaces for and can see."

Gotcha, that is clearer to me now. Fortunately, Christopher Schultz turned me 
on to the Connector/J localSocketAddress property, and now I can control which 
source IP my tomcat instances use when connecting to remote database servers.

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