On 25.06.21 05:19, Eric Robinson wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback, Daniel.
> I guess the answer depends on whether the socket libraries use the tomcat 
> listening port as the source IP. If you have three tomcat instances listening 
> on three different IPs, each instance should be able to open a client 
> connection using the same source port, as long as each tomcat uses its 
> listening IP as the source IP of the socket.
> That's the part I'm still not sure about.

My expectation is that database connections do not have any correlation
with the listening port: Technically, DB connection pools can be shared
across all contained Hosts and Connectors /within a single tomcat/, and
when multiple processes are added to the game, it doesn't really change

In fact, it's not uncommon that there's a public facing network adapter,
where a http-connector listens, but a completely different network
adapter for any backend communication - e.g. to the database. All that I
expect a database driver to do is to specify where it wants to connect
to, and the OS figures out how that connection needs to be routed.
That's utterly independent of any http connection that comes in to the
same process.

So: Don't expect any correlation, and you're safe.

(Note: There /may/ be ways to configure a db-driver to specify a source
address, but I'd expect that rather to add a potential failure rather
than anything that I'd want to control. If you interpret such a
situation differently: Please elaborate)



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