On 19/07/2021 10:20, Mark Thomas wrote:
On 13/07/2021 16:35, Paolo Clerici wrote:
I don't see any ISAPI redirector set up there. I was expecting to see
something like the steps described here:
Yes, if I have not missed something, I think I have done everything
that is written in the document.
The only differences are that there are two sites "prod" and "test" so
the only differences for "test" are:
1) Dll folder: C:\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi Redirector\test\bin
2) ISAPI filter name: "Jakarta Connector test" (not "tomcat")

isapi_redirect.properties file content:
log_file=C:\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi
worker_file=C:\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi
worker_mount_file=C:\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi

workers.properties file content:

uriworkermap.properties file content:

I would like to tell you that ISAPI redirection of all virtual folders
works perfectly. The only thing that doesn't work is sending the
authorization type and user from IIS to Tomcat.
The only application that needs this functionality is "s2wweb".

How did you create the s2wweb virtual directory? Please provide exact steps. Was is created under the test site or under the jakarta virtual directory?

To be honest, I am far from convinced that I have recreated your configuration. Receiving the configuration bit by bit and ambiguities in the information received (is the test site configured for anon authentication, windows authentication or both?) makes me thing at least one key bit of information is missing.

Can you provide the complete set of steps required to configure a clean IIS 10 install to recreate this issue?

I have also been trying to recreate your IIS 6.1 setup without success. Which versions are you using for:
- operating system
- ISAPI connector
- Tomcat

And, similarly to above, what are the steps to recreate your test setup from a clean IIS install?


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