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On 2/8/2022 8:32 AM, Rob Sargent wrote:

On 2/8/22 08:11, Robert Turner wrote:
Okay. Yep, my most recent suspicion was correct -- it's related to the
Docker bind to a local folder containing the webapps. As such, I believe
it's a Docker issue of some sort and not Tomcat specific. However, you may
want to understand it more completely in any case.

Thanks for your help Mark, Rob S and Neil.

Is docker the new regexp?  You know: I had a problem. Used docker to solve it.  Now I have two problems.

When you attach a volume to a container from a case-insensitive file system (Windows, MacOS), then that directory will be case-insensitive.

At least that's what a quick search indicates. I run all of my local Docker images from WSL2 (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) on Windows 10 Pro, so I don't experience a case issue.

This may or may not help

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