Konstantin -

I assume that the APR code is responsible for issuing that call?

The reason I'm asking is that I moved the customer to a new server over
the weekend and they showed no sign of the problem on the new setup
(Windows 2008R2*, Sun JDK 1.6.0_20 x64, Tomcat 5.5.27, native lib
1.1.16). That setup was chosen because it closely matches another server
that was not displaying the problem (diffs: non-R2 2008, JDK 1.6.0_13).
Over last night, a normal Monday in SE ASIA, they only generated 14
worker threads.  I'll continue monitoring throughout the week to see if
this holds.

Since I still have the box, and have another similar setup I can use for
testing, I'll see if I can duplicate the issues, at least the creeping
thread leak, on those.  But for now, I've got my production setup back

I'm not completely ruling out a box/OS issue on the old hardware, but it
had been running fine for at least a year.  The box had started having
some odd behavior (appear to hang until you hit a key on the keyboard,
then blue screen - out of non-paged memory), that I traced down to a
recurring WinMgmt .NET performance counter error that had started
showing up in the Application Event logs every couple of minutes.  I
removed those counters from the performance monitoring and the system
appeared to stabilize.  Later, I had "rasctrs" error messages appear
every few seconds. Applying OS updates fixed that.  In both cases, the
error message text could not be determined from the dlls that should
have had them. (It had also halted 3 times since November with a CPU
error - only logged by the Dell server mgmt, not Windows - so we had
made the decision to replace the box.)

I had updated the JDK & native lib after the fixing the WinMgmt problem,
and that's when I started see the thread leak.  I backed out the JDK
upgrade, but still saw the leak.  I backed out the JDK, but never got a
night's production out of it before new server arrived.


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2010/4/16 Jeffrey Janner <jeffrey.jan...@polydyne.com>
> Well, it's definitely deadlocking once it hits the maxThreads limit.

The worker is returned to the workers pool by an
AprEndpoint.recycleWorkerThread(..) call. If that call is skipped, the
workers will leak. That is theoretically. I do not remember any
reports on such an issue.

Do you have any error messages in your logs,  or in the catalina.out
file (aka the file that catches your stderr stream)?

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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