Chris -
I've noticed that little "attachment" issue also, but it only applies to 
replies to your posts.  It doesn’t appear that way when I send it. (BTW: I'm 
using Outlook 2007 via Exchange 2003.)
I didn't think that our code would be the cause, but since I've not done any 
coding for Tomcat, I wasn't sure.
I'm thinking it might be an issue with the 1.1.18 native library.  None of my 
other systems are showing the issue, but they are using version 1.1.3 of the 
library, although one is using 1.1.16 and not showing the problem either.  I 
backed them back down to the 1.1.3 version and am waiting to see if the problem 
re-presents itself.
Finally, could it be something the end user's browser is doing/not doing?  Or 
perhaps an intervening proxy at the customer site?  I haven't been able to 
reproduce the issue using in-house browsers/users against the production site, 
or even a similarly configured test site.  Which side of the conversation 
actually closes the connection?  And leaving the connection open result in 
threads being busy, even though they are waiting?

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BTW your mailer and/or mail exchanger sucks... it puts your message into
the html-only portion of a multipart/alternative message which means
that basically your messages don't show up properly. Instead, I see the
"confidential warning" that gets attached to all your messages,
sometimes (if I'm lucky) followed by your actual message. Usually, I
have to open the "attachment" that contains your actual text. :(

On 4/15/2010 12:57 PM, Jeffrey Janner wrote:
> I've not got the tools nor training to do a Windows build.

The build is not Windows-specific: it's just compiling the Java classes,
along with a source patch that you could probably hand-enter given the
diff if you don't have a win32 'patch' binary handy.

> I could gather the tools, but I'd rather not "learn" by patching a
> production system.

Sounds like a good idea: can you set up a test system that you can pound
while you figure out the magic recipe of versions that will yield a
stable system?

> I think it's probably a sudden usage spike by the customer's
> 3rd-party users. I can increase their max thread count and probably
> give them relief. Plus then I can really see if there is a possible
> connection leak going on in my developer's code.

It's unlikely that your code is leaking HTTP connections somehow. Maybe
JDBC connections, but that's another story.

- -chris

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