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BTW your mailer and/or mail exchanger sucks... it puts your message into
the html-only portion of a multipart/alternative message which means
that basically your messages don't show up properly. Instead, I see the
"confidential warning" that gets attached to all your messages,
sometimes (if I'm lucky) followed by your actual message. Usually, I
have to open the "attachment" that contains your actual text. :(

On 4/15/2010 12:57 PM, Jeffrey Janner wrote:
> I've not got the tools nor training to do a Windows build.

The build is not Windows-specific: it's just compiling the Java classes,
along with a source patch that you could probably hand-enter given the
diff if you don't have a win32 'patch' binary handy.

> I could gather the tools, but I'd rather not "learn" by patching a
> production system.

Sounds like a good idea: can you set up a test system that you can pound
while you figure out the magic recipe of versions that will yield a
stable system?

> I think it's probably a sudden usage spike by the customer's
> 3rd-party users. I can increase their max thread count and probably
> give them relief. Plus then I can really see if there is a possible
> connection leak going on in my developer's code.

It's unlikely that your code is leaking HTTP connections somehow. Maybe
JDBC connections, but that's another story.

- -chris
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